WinOptions Scam - Have you heard that ? Full Investigation

WinOptions Scam – Have you heard that ?

WinOptions is a newly introduces a binary option technique. It does not include any software download, and offers bonuses and promotions to the traders. The method is user friendly, where anyone can trade at a low rate. This is taking the online trading world like a storm.

Reasons of WinOptions scam reviews

Whenever something becomes famous, many forces work to bring it down. Similarly there are many people who think winoptions is a scam. The rumors are creating misconceptions throughout the trading world. In reality, the technique is 100% percent effective; it’s the users who do not know how to effectively use it. The common causes of a winoptions scam review are:


  • Lack of research: many people are stating that this technique is best for beginners as no knowledge is required. This is not true like every other binary option, it is a complete process. You need to observe the charts and the figures, before making a call. Even a beginner needs to have information and necessary analytically skills.
  • Lack of experience: this is a relatively new technique, and is quite different from other types of binary options. This causes a lot of inexperience in the market. Every service provider is not completely aware of its effects. This results in bad reviews among the general public. Therefore, use a quality service.

Truth or misconception

Rather than going about different review websites to read that Winoptions scam is a truth, here are the most common misconceptions and the reasoning behind them:

  • “Too simple”- the method does not require any download or any tough steps, this technological advancement is misinterpreted by some old school people as a scam.
  • “High bonuses are unreal”- the risk and high bonuses are unbelievable for many users, they find it unrealistic. They forget that they have made an investment so bonus or extra earning is part of the game.
  • “Withdrawal issues”- some people have had withdrawal issues, because they did not have the required balance limit. These people have no right to complain since these regulations are mentioned in the company policy. Their own negligence was the cause.
  • “100% refund- a scam” – many people believe this advantage of a hoax. This is made possible because of the background professionals.
  • “Beginners only”- many people believe it to be only suitable for beginners who want to risk low amount. This is because the current people in the market do not understand the logic behind it.


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2 Responses to “WinOptions Scam – Have you heard that ?”

  1. john frages says:

    I’ve been trading with them for over two years now. they were always helpful and i never had any problems withdrawing funds from the account

  2. mo says:

    Having a bad time with them… they asked bunch of documents and sent all.. including the one on which we have to sign…

    After sending all these no reply.. chat support just passing ball to billing department and billing department not responding … still didd’t get my money….

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