UnitedOptions Scam Review -

UnitedOptions Scam Review

Binary Options are a special type of options which allow all or none tactic in the online trade, making it mandatory for everyone to venture carefully and skillfully. Every time you trade a Binary Option, there are two possibilities: you may either get what you aimed for or you will end up with nothing at all in your hands. Based on the type of winnings, Binary Options are of two types: ‘asset-or-nothing’ in which a particular value of the asset is provided to the trader if the trade strikes correctly and ‘cash-or-nothing’ in which winnings are weighed in cash (currency is of your choice). It is however advisable to think repeatedly before creating an account anywhere, because many Binary Options brokers are total frauds who gobble down all your minimum investments and never let you earn a single penny.

UnitedOptions Scam – is That a True ?

UnitedOptions are world-famous brokers who are based in Cyprus with a secondary branch operating in the Virgin Islands. They provide an opportunity for the people all over the globe to venture into the business of Binary Options and excel rapidly. They have experienced staff members to help the beginners with their dealings. Many senior users can also be observed for a couple of days to get the general idea about the way everything is planned and carried out. It is not unusual to stumble across a praising UnitedOptions scam review on a Binary Options based website. This is because UnitedOptions provides an ultimate trading platform, enabling the users to find potential clients and generate easy profits swiftly.

UnitedOptions has opened a new era in the field of Options trading as it offers access to so many trading zones. You can look into the market trend for some time and then draft a general picture in your mind. Using that picture you can now decide for yourself where to trade. The UnitedOptions legit system includes a responsible customer service that is ready to help you right from your SignUp to every single deal you click.

Asset menu- the best feature

Each and every trading agency is judged on the basis of the asset menu that is available to the customers. In fact, many people simply join a firm or two on the basis of the fact that the asset menu offered is quite vast. UnitedOptions is well-known for providing a rich asset menu consisting of total 51 items of which 11 are currencies and 18 are stocks. As most of the trade nowadays concerns these two and other similar commodities, the cyber world is literally bursting with UnitedOptions reviews.

Deposit Methods and Commissions

UnitedOptions doesn’t let you feel bound or trapped. You can use a number of payment methods for deposits including Credit card, wire transfers and PayPal. These facilities are available in almost every part of the world so choosing UnitedOptions should hardly be a problem. As far as commissions are concerned, you don’t get charged any! All you have to worry about mere 25 bucks that get deducted for every wire transfer made.

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3 Responses to “UnitedOptions Scam Review”

  1. h. nii says:

    Put in a withdrawal request 2 days ago and close my account. I’ve being called every day since trying to change my mind. Nothintg but lies from the broker about my account. “The account balance only shows deposits not the true balance”. “I needed to deposit more money ($1500) because the initial deposit of $500 was depleted/gone”. Strange that my account showed $2000+. There were times where the balanced exceeded $2000 for a couple of days. The highest level was $2180. It then went south. Lost $500 of my money (less gains)in 5 days. I requested a withdrawal of the balance at that time. 2 days after the withdrawal my account is still beibg traded. It is
    now less than $1100. I’ve lost $900+!

  2. harry says:

    Don’t use united options!! I submitted a withdrawal request about two weeks ago. No response from anyone regarding the closure of my account. Although it’s in limbo Its not being traded.

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