Ubinary Withdrawal Process -

Ubinary Withdrawal Process

Ubinary is a new platform which started about 2 years back, in 2011. Since then the platform is solely focused on providing a simple and easy to use platform for trading binary options. Apart from the trading itself, it also ensures that the Ubinary withdrawal and Deposit processes are designed to keep user security and ease in mind.

When you start trading, the only initiative anyone has is to make money, that is why you should ensure that the platform operates a dependable withdrawal system so that you can access your money, whenever needed. Discussed below are some features of the Ubinary withdrawal process:

Important Regarding UBinary Withdrawal Process

  • Submission of documentations is required– In order to make a successful deposit the platform requires you to submit certain documents for verification of the trader’s identity. Although submission of these is most of the time only required for making the first withdrawal or proof, but you might be required to prove your identity if they deem it necessary. This is due to the anti-money laundering and fraud prevention policy of the platform.
  • The minimum UBinary withdrawal limit is about 10 dollars– In order to provide traders with easy access to their money; the minimum limit for making a withdrawal is only ten dollars. Although if you avail the 30 percent bonus, you can make a withdrawal only if you trade it a specific number of times.
  • Multiple methods of withdrawal are available– In order to provide easy service that is universal for all, the platform provides all the four basic transfer methods, these include transfer via a credit card, bank transfer, PayPal account transfer and e-wallet. The e-wallet service is available for all the major service providers like Moneybookers, skrill etc.
  • Time for processing- Although there is no specific time mentioned regarding the withdrawal process, it generally takes up to 5 to 7 days; after which the money withdrawn appear in your account. The reason behind not mentioning a specific time period is that the high security might delay the procedure for a few more days, while in some cases it might be processed and completed before the passage of 5 days.
  • Adaptation of multiple fiscal policy– Ubinary provides trading opportunities to a variety of different countries, that is why the withdrawal process is designed in a manner to comply with the fiscal policies of any country; reducing the efforts on the trader’s part.
  • Withdrawal allowed through the method used for money deposit– Due to the security terms and regulations of the platform, it is necessary that you withdraw money from the platform through the method you used to deposit the money. This rule is applicable for all methods, in addition to this the account to which the money is withdrawn to should be in the name of the trader himself.

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