Ubinary scam review -

Ubinary scam review

Ubinary is a trading platform that was created by professional operators of financial trading markets, allowing them to understand all the minor details about trading. Although the platform prides itself on providing experienced support to binary options traders and a user friendly trading environment; there are some people who provide Ubinary scam review.

As a result this Ubinary review highlights all the basic characteristics of this platform; which provide enough evidence in order to disregard it as a scam.

Ubinary Trading benefits

There are many characteristics that makes ubinary a great platform to trade at. Some of these benefits include:
One button trading-the trading platform is designed to provide you with the ability to place a trade with only one button. The basic binary options trading opportunity provided is free of any complications.

  • Multiple features- the advanced features allow you to modify the time and other features, which you deem necessary for making a successful trade.
  • Low trading limit- you only need 20 dollars in order to make a trade, so no more depositing high amounts for one trade.
  • High profits- this offers you the chance to make profit at a high rate of 85 percent.
  • No commissions- the platform does not charge any commissions or fees from what you earn from trading.

Learning opportunities

Apart from providing a reliable platform to trade commodities, assets and indexed, it also performs multiple activities to support traders, and allowing them to make successful trades. Some of the best services include:

  • Help desk service at all hours.
  • Technical support for any problems related to the platform.
  • Market news and updates, so that the traders are always aware of the latest occurrences.
  • Guides and tips from experts and financial market professional.

Security measures

Ubinary offers a safe platform so that people can trade with comfort and ease; without any abnormal risk involved. Many procedures are implemented to ensure that all the currency traded on the platform is earned through legal means, and that it is not being used to launder money of any kind. Apart from this, they have also adopted numerous tools like data encryption password cods, software to protect the platform from being hacked, and the list goes on. All this combined makes it a legitimate choice for traders to trade with.

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2 Responses to “Ubinary scam review”

  1. Allan says:

    On the 8th May 2014 a senior financial analyst Owen Shriever contacted me and said he would help me get my money back that the previous guy from Ubinary traded on my account without my permission and lost my money when I was waiting to get paid out. I had to invest another $400 and he guarantees me he will triple it in 3 weeks even going so far as to tell me he will refund me if I lost. Well that is the last I heard of him as I said I wanted it in writing. Check out website binaryoptionsthatsuck.

    Read more: http://binaryoptionsdailyreview.com/ubinary-review/#ixzz32tL4jmmg

  2. Raj says:

    I joined ubinary scam about a month ago. First I had call from its senior account manager Jom Oslen. He took 2000usd from my credit card. I almost finished my money then I received call from another consultant who took out another 2000usd without my consent. This is the worst thing is about ubinary. They said they need total 4000usd to get signal and training from them. IfI knew this Iwouldnit join Ubinary. Now I am waiting my500usf to be returned to my bank account. It’s has been 16 days but have not received yet. This is very bad experience I had with them.
    Another thing they just send you message from Skype like usdjpy up, cadgbp down. But how you know when to enter and wen to close the trade.
    Although this is not scam but this not for newbies like me. Do not believe them. Do not give your hard earned dollar to them.
    I can provide evidence if you need. Email me at shambhala2013@outlook.com

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