#1 TradeRush Broker Review

TradeRush Broker Review

TradeRush Broker Information

TradeRush provides one of the easiest way to trade in today’s economy. Established in June, 2011, it has the advantage of having the most accurate quotes. It is the fastest growing binary options platform online which offers up to 75% returns in its 60 seconds options. The website has team of experts to take care of the predictions and lets you trade from anywhere in the world. The smooth navigation provided by the website is unique and you will be able to master it within minutes. The platform is built with all the things kept in mind and hence lets the customer to have a better market review. The website also has an exciting feature called 60 seconds with key options like double up and rollover.

Here are some key features associated with TradeRush:

Trading Platform: The trading platform provides smooth navigation and is easy to work on. It has the most accurate and free of lag quotes for binary market.

Minimum deposit: There is no requirement of depositing even a single cent at the time of registration. Only when you start trading you need to make a minimum despite of $200.

Transaction Options: You have the freedom to trade using any medium. The company accepts all popular options such as Credit cards, Debit Cards, Wired transfers, Moneybookers etc. They also transfer the funds as soon as possible when you request for a withdrawal. A certain fee is deducted when you use wired transfer but it is absolutely free for Credit/Debit cards.

Options in trading: The website provides the option to trade in your favorite asset as its list of available assets to deal in is very diverse and as of now covers more than 85 popular assets.

Free demo account: TradeRush has a special option of creating a demo account. You can trade for 36 hours using this account and if you feel comfortable working with the website you can open an actual account. In order to make a demo account go to http://www.traderush.com and click on “Click for Demo” option and after filling in your particulars you are ready to work with your demo account. Remember that There is No Demp Accounts provided in their Site, You have to ask for it.

Currencies and Languages: The website is available in all major languages and provides option of trading in all popular currencies. So accessibility is never a problem.

Customer Support: The website also provides a highly dedicated customer support to its users for a hassle free trading. You can contact their customer support by phone, email or Live chat.


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  1. Brennan Newfield says:

    I’ve made some good money with binary options recently. Made almost $2000 last month alone.. Not bad for something that you can do in your spare time. They actually have services and software now that will pretty much tell you which ones to buy. I think the best one is probably Binary Options Pro Signals. I’ve found it to be correct about 7 times out of 10.

  2. Shawn Brumsey says:

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  3. Nixson356 says:

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  4. walid says:

    hi is traderush work in kenya?

  5. Agnes says:

    iam still studying the whole Trade rush thing and when i get aquinted with it, am gonna diposit money and start business right away

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  7. such an easy platform and the broker is helping me when i need. so far it is going well for me

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