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Trade stocks in binary options

Stocks are a popular choice when trading in binary options, the reason behind this is the vast variety of choices and ease of trading. But, a proper approach should be taken in order to increase the probability of a return on the trade.


The following factors and trends should be studied to analyse a stock, usually tools and graphs are already available for this purpose:

  • CEO statements- Inform about the future changes and expected outcomes.
  • Market environment- a stock usually relates to one economic market. That is why the first thing to be done to analyze how the overall market is performing, and the chosen company is performing in those conditions.
  • Change in the constitution of the company- A merger and acquisition might increase the stock price.
  • Economic conditions- The government policies and the economic conditions like a recession in the area where the company operated also impacts the stock price to a great degree.
  • Past trends- past trend analysis can help determine a pattern of price changes of a company.
  • Income statement- The income statement released can either result in the increase or decrease of the demand of stock, and hence the price

Choose the right strategy

There are numerous strategies that can be used to trade stocks in binary options. These can be generally categorized on the basis of the factors determined; that is,

  • Price can be reliably estimated- In case the change in price is determinable, but you are not sure in which direction this change will be then you can use double touch option, double no touch, in/out strategy and others of similar nature.
  • Direction can be reliably estimated- If the direction of the change of price that is whether the price is going to increase or decrease is determined by the person, but a proper price estimate is not available then he can use touch or no touch strategy.
  • Both can be reliably estimated- All the choices are acceptable, it is on your own preferences.

Trade stocks in binary options – start small

Although you might choose the best available options, but there is still a probability of risk. In order to further minimize the risk, you should make small investments for a small period of time when trading stock in binary options. This will test all the research work, and deductions you made according to it. As a result, if the trade is successful, you can further continue the same trade and direction; as the nature of stocks in not too volatile. If the trade is unsuccessful, the loss will a minimum and controlled one; but you need to start from the beginning.

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