TopOption Account Types -

TopOption Account Types

As it is a fact that every individual businessman or a complete business in the form of a business, needs a good and effective account for a better outcome of their work. And it can only happen if their account where they are holding their earnings and other details provide a number of attractions in their facilities especially. Obviously only then, a customer will be attracted toward them. Now, in the TopOption Review, there are certain kinds of account types. The TopOption Account Types are offering the people a number of accounts on the basis of the nature of the business they are carrying out.

Basic Accounts Type

The TopOption Accounts contain the starter account, this type of account contains a number of various facilities and options in opening up an account here but obviously the name of the account implies us toward the basic account for just a person who is new to it. For convenience, an individual can open up an account in just a hundred dollars initially. The TopOption charges no fee in opening up a new account. In fact, they provide a bonus amount of 250$ to every new starter account holder. Moreover, they have given the facility of web and mobile platforms for the convenience.

Only for professionals

Furthermore, another type of account in the Top Option Review is the “pro” account. Now this type of account is for the professionals as the name implies, who know the basics about handling up an account so they are not new basically. In these types of TopOption Accounts, pro account holders are given the protection insurance service as well which ensures them that their investment is safely done everywhere and there is no risk in it. Also, a bonus of 500$ is given to the pro account holder. And this type of account can be open up in just a thousand dollars initially.

VIP – Special as always

The last and the most special Top Option Account type is the account of the VIP. This is actually made for the top level businessmen or those who have got enough money to be maintained at a good place and whose policies match their expectations and there is no one better than the TopOption in this regard. As this is a special account type, hence, it needs an initial amount of 5000$ and a bonus of about 2500$ is given to the account holder as well. Also, there are a lot more facilities which are not preset ins the other categories but still TopOption provides the best accounts services worldwide.

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