Tips To Find The Best Binary Options Brokers -

Tips To Find The Best Binary Options Brokers

The world of binary options is attractive for many, but the different entities that try to speculate the lack of knowledge by some will try to trick some users into subscribing for bad services, or worse, for services that are only looking to steal your details. Let’s see how can you avoid those websites, and how you can be sure that you are using the Best Binary Options Brokers.

Main criteria of choosing the recommended binary options brokers

Some websites offer the possibility to trade only commodities, while others will offer you the possibility to trade currencies, assets and other types of values. A reliable broker must be able to offer you Forex, commodities, bonds, and a large number of instruments for which you can easily place binary options orders. This way, if you are not that good at trading currencies, you can switch to other types of actives that are of more interest for you.

Moreover, the number of markets on which you can trade is also important. you need to trade several financial assets on several markets, so if one of your positions loses, you can quickly open a new trading order on other websites. Moreover, you will need the possibility to open orders with long and short expiration dates, as this way, you can construct a solid trading strategy for a long term.

Recommended Binary Options Brokers

You need to look for websites that offer objective reviews about all the recommended binary options brokers. Don’t look on the forums of the respective companies, as those are a little influenced by the webmasters of the respective websites. Try to search for independent forums where people lost their opinions and questions about one binary options broker or the other. this way, you will be able to determine which one is suited for your trading style.

Regulated Binary Options brokers

It is a good idea to look for the regulated brokers, even if this means to take some time to make your searches. In the US, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is in charge of checking and authorizing the different entities that offer services of this kind, and the brokers that are regulated by this organism state this aspect on their websites. Just because a broker is regulated does not mean that you will benefit of maximum safety, but the reputed brokers are able to offer guarantees when it comes to security of transactions.

It is also important to check the trading platform, to see if it comes with all the features that are needed for your trading. Some traders prefer the intra-day orders, and in this case, the two, five and fifteen minutes trading strategies are required, while others would look for long term investments, and in this case, those traders would need tools for fundamental analysis.

Best Binary Options Brokers

The best brokers are those that benefit of the trust of thousands of traders. The aspect of the platform, the payouts offered and the possibility of trading many assets are important, therefore those must be considered while choosing a new broker. Look for platforms that offer 65-70% return of investment, and the possibility to initiate orders on multiple periods, with different expiry dates.

Besides the possibility to interact with the binary options world, it is important to have guides and resources to learn binary options. Even if some of the traders in this world can say that they know everything and that there is nothing else for them to learn, there is always a new strategy, or a new asset that you must be aware of. the newsfeed of a binary options website is the place from where traders find out important details about this world, so with the help of those details, they are able to establish solid trading strategies.

Make sure that the website of your choice offers you the possibility to trade, deposit and withdraw money in different currencies. A good website must have USD, GBP and EUR support, although the majority of good brokers offer support for many other currencies.

Finding The Best Binary options Brokers

The top binary option brokers would allow you to deposit a decent sum for starting your trading initiative, which is not prohibitive, but which is enough to start trading solidly. A platform that offers you the possibility to enter trading with a deposit of 10$ might be suspicious, as it is not possible to make money with this sum, while another broker that requires 2000$ minimum initial deposit might be prohibitive for some. 200-500$ is a decent sum that allows you to enter the binary options trading world without any worries.

Web based or downloadable

A good trader will give you the possibility to download the platform, as this way, you will be able to check its reliability and you can benefit of a safe and fast method to trade directly from your personal computer, but they must also have a web based platform that you can use while you are away, with a simple username and a password. As in binary options, we are talking about a lot of money, it is important to have a solid and secure website at your disposal that offers you the possibility to trade fast and effective.


Investors enter the market of binary options with the express reason of winning some money, but they should not eliminate the possibility of losing. What would they do in this case. Binary brokers offer compensation of 15-20% for any lost transaction, and this is an important aspect to consider. If you benefit of 25% compensation fee, you should consider signing up for the respective broker.

Customer Support

You never know when you are away from your computer and you need to open a position fast, to speculate some rumors in the market, and in this case, you will have to rely on the customer service officers to initiate the order for you, with a telephone call. See what support options are offered by different companies, and make sure that they are able to answer all your queries in a professional manner.

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