The Truth Behind CedarFinance Scam claims -

The Truth Behind CedarFinance Scam claims

CedarFinance is a privately owned platform created in 2012. Since then the platform has achieved rapid fame; but with the positive fame, many CedarFinance scam reviews have also originated.

Reason behind CedarFinance scam reviews

There are many proofs that provide convincing evidence that the CedarFinance scam claims are nothing but false, but before learning about these, it is important to understand why these claims originate. One thing is confirmed that all the causes do not provide concrete grounds to regard this platform as a scam. The most common causes are:


  • Money issues– Many people label the platform as a fraud just because they have some issue regarding withdrawal. The reason behind the issue is mostly some mistake made by the trader. That is why it is important to understand the withdrawal process.
  • Competition– The increasing fame of the online binary options trading has led to enhanced competition between different platforms and brokers. This competition might make someone spread rumors.
  • User’s neglect– In the majority of the circumstances, the complaint of the reviewer is due to his own negligence and lack of understanding of the platform rules and procedures.



Why CedarFinance is not a scam?

Here are some features of CedarFinance that ensure that it is anything but a scam:


  • Regulated broker: The biggest proof that it is a legitimate service is that it is regulated by the government. This means that all of its regulations are law binding.
  • Reliable technology: The platform runs on SpotOption technology. This is a renowned software used by numerous other platforms. This ensures that the platform working is reliable, safe and tested.
  • Market review option: The platforms you daily, weekly and monthly reviews about the assets and market conditions. This feature is available to aid the trader to learn about past trends and market situations. If it was a scam, the platform will not help in any way.
  • Step by step guide: The platform provides a step by step guide on the working of the platform and the trading options available thereon. They help the user to get a better understanding of the options.
  • Efficient security system: The platform utilized the widely accepted SSL security system. This system encrypts the credit card information, and is fully automated. This means that no one has access to your private information.
  • Free registration: The platform does not make your deposit any amount before you trade. In addition to this, they also give you a bonus which will increase the trading amount when you deposit money.
  • Easy withdrawal: The platform offers easy withdrawal process, with complete guidance on it. The trader can withdraw money from wire transfer, credit card, western union or CashU. These are the most widely used methods now-a-days.
  • Cancellation option: This is a unique option that the trader can avail two times in a row. This allows the trader to cancel the trade before he enters the position.
  • Consistent support: The platform offers customer support through email, phone or live chat; no matter what the time. You can contact the human account managers at any time.

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