The Raphael Simple Strategy -

The Raphael Simple Strategy

Raphael simple strategy is nothing but a binary options trading system which is based on ultra-short term and is quite similar to scalping. It has become extremely popular these days probably because of the promising outcome and easy operation. People try it in the millions every week making it a must have for people who are into small trades. In this technique one simply has to make a thorough and wise assessment of the market charts to get maximum profit and also for modest price reversals.

The entire market is evaluated for three different time spans with the time duration decreasing over the passage of time. First observe the data of 1 hour, then move to 15 minutes and finally end with the evaluation of 5 minute charts. This evaluation should however not be done rapidly or in a haze and should be carefully conducted because it is all that will give an idea of the market trend and the likely price reversals that are to be made. The trend is basically reflected in the first chart while the second one, called confirmation, helps in highlighting further the potential areas for trade. The last chart is the final step where an ultimate decision about entries, as well as exits, is made.

Why is Raphael Simple Strategy simple to operate?

It primarily relies on only two evaluation factors namely Stochastic and RSI, which has added to the simplicity and ease of its usage. This parameter is extremely favorable and is one of the reasons why I will recommend this strategy to you. If you are looking for trading that will last only short term, there is no better choice than Raphael Strategy. A very basic indicator to determine market trends is to look for the relation of RSI with the digit 50; if RSI is higher than 50 the market trends are rising and reverse is true for the RSI values below 50. It should be clearly noted that RSI values must fluctuate with the market trends and should never be at the level of the signal line otherwise Raphael  Strategy will be erroneous. Stochastic levels must complement RSI values.

How can you learn about the Raphael Simple Strategy?

Read into the hand written guideline by the creator himself. Though Mr. Raphael does not have English as the mother tongue, as is evident from the writing style and grammatical errors in his article, he still tries his best to explain the functioning of this excellent system as best as possible and has succeeded to some extent too. Professional with the prior knowledge of a similar trading system and experience in article reading will find the extract very easy to understand and comprehend.

If you are new to the field and it is your first time in trading, you might find it a bit difficult to catch the professional tone of the owner. For that matter, you can always surf for online reviews on Raphael Strategy via various search engines. Being renowned and much availed, this facility has several online reviews posted on different blogs and advertised on several websites.

Trading magazines based on quick trading tips and secrets for small-based home industries also mention reviews of this strategy.

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