The double red strategy -

The double red strategy

Since binary trading involves high risk factor, it would be foolish to blindly invest in any asset. There are different Binary Options strategies based on which investments are made under binary trading. One such strategy is “The Double Red Strategy”. This strategy is based on the market behavior understanding and is an easy way to make money. But what you should understand that if the company is launching a product or anything significant is happening with the company which can influence the stock behavior, you should never invest under this strategy.

What you are supposed to do according to this strategy is that you should watch the stocks of various companies in a time frame of five minutes and look for a specific pattern called double red. The double red pattern means two consecutive bear trade sessions (i.e. asset losing value) of five minute each.To fulfill the conditions of this strategy, close of the first candle in the pattern grid of five minutes must be lower than that of the last red candle. The second red candle should be above the low of the first red candle and close below it. This is the ideal pattern you have to look for.

Once you spot such a pattern you must act fast and quickly execute for a very short period of time ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. As you were working with a quantized time frame of 5 minutes, your expiry should get opened when the third candle reaches slightly upwards into the second candle. As you are witnessing a fall in prices of stock, you should make sure to select the fall or low option and not the other way round. Basically The double red strategy can be summed up by saying that if you see a fall in the value of an asset for nearly 10 minutes, you can put a very short time bet on the prediction that the stocks will suffer more red.


Pros and Cons of the double red strategy


  • It is simple to understand.
  • You can make profit of up to 300%.
  • Very less time ranging from 5 minutes to 15 minutes needed to get the output.


  • Does not work in case of high volatility such as a product launching.
  • You need to act very fast else you will miss the opportunity.

The double red strategy can surely pay high dividends if you can monitor the market closely with patience. But if you are not sure about this method you can work with a demo account to check the authenticity of the method and when you are confident you are ready to make some quick money.

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