Stockpair – Edge over Competition -

Stockpair – Edge over Competition

Stockpair entered the binary options market by the end of 2010 and today it has undoubtedly become the leader in pair options trading. Pair Options Trading is a mix between forex and binary options trading.


Fundamentals of Trading In Binary Options

In Binary Options you need to make a choice of a better performing asset between the two assets and if your prediction turns out right then you earn profits. The minimum deposit amount is $200 and minimum and maximum trade size being $20 and $500 respectively. A deposit bonus is also offered by Stockpair.

Stockpair Advantages

  • User friendly Interface

Stockpair offers lots of information to make a start on trading pair options. The detailed information however, is available to members. The website is simple and can be easily navigated with all the tools made available by Stockpair at your fingertips.

  • Features Of Trading Platform

Stockpair was a pioneer in pair options form of trading. It provides a reliable and secure trading environment. A completely browser based trading platform gives easy accessibility. It also makes available option for early closure of trades so that you can book your profits.

  • Choice Of Trading Instrument

Provision of a wide variety of pair options for trading is the characteristic feature of Stockpair. Almost more than 150 assets available with them make for an impressive selection.

  • Deposit/ Withdrawal Methods and Payout Returns

You can get the advantage of good risk control, speculative and hedging strategies through their floating payout structure based on performance of primary assets. The flexibility of payout structure helps to gain more from your trade.

  • Customer Service

The customer response staff is well known for being polite and patient with all types of customer queries irrespective of whether they are simple or technical. Live chat, email or telephones are the medium for answering customer queries.

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 Stockpair – Why The Heck You should use them ?

Stockpair made a rather late entry into the binary options market yet rose to become its uncrowned king. Stockpair has certainly created a place for itself in this competitive market with its unique trading features.

Stockpair How Good Are They?

There are various factors which go to prove the superiority of Stockpair over other Binary Options Brokers. Some of them can be explained as follows.

  • The first element in trade that has to catch and hold the client’s attention is the trading platform. Stockpair has done a lot of planning and thinking while devising the perfect trading platform which is constantly updated for any new features and that has mainly been responsible for its supreme position in the trading market.
  • Placing a trade is very simple. You need to select the asset, predict its performance and reap the rewards if your choice turns out right. Stockpair offers a wide range of assets for trading and also a range of expiry times. Its unique features like Stop/Loss and book Early Profit helps it to stand out among the crowd.
  • The client can belong to any part of the world and can trade commodities, indices, forex and stocks using binary or pair options.
  • Customer satisfaction is high with the response staff being very professional and polite while handling client queries.
  • The client can gain anything from 86% to 350% profit from trade depending on what he is trading.
  • The withdrawal procedure is hassle free and no problems arise in receiving cash outs.
  • The important advantage with Stockpair is that they do not charge commissions or no hidden costs are present in any of their transactions.

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