Stockpair Account Types and its features -

Stockpair Account Types and its features

The Stockpair is the latest wave of online trading that deals with the stock pair exchange. It enables you to exchange the stocks that everyone can trade but, stockpair makes it interesting and new and is similar to that of Forex trading. It is a user friendly, fast and its customer service is beyond expectation. The only drawback associated with this platform is that potential trading is allowed only when the trading marketplaces are open.

Stockpair owns a proprietary platform that is designed with latest technology that keeps the financial information and money of the customer secure and safe. It is an entirely web-based trading platform that allows the user to trade easily from any computer and from any nook of the world. This platform was established in Ireland 2010. It has expertise in the pair-options trading. It is same as that of the binary trading. Users can trade any of the underlying assets that goes up and down in prices. The major difference between digital options and stock pair is that the user is able to compare the prices of 2 stocks with one another. It sounds similar to the Forex trading where one can trade in the currency pairs.

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Stockpair Account Types

Stockpair may sound complicated to the novice users but, it is an entirely simple platform. All you need is to have some basic knowledge of the 2 stocks that are paired together. You have to trade on the stock you think will perform better in the market. Stockpair has several account types and embrace different features that enable the user to opt one that best cater their needs. This platform stands out among the mob for several reasons and the most noticeable is that it has realized the fact that all traders are not same and have created 4 different accounts with different features to cater different needs of the traders.The 4 Stockpair Account Types are :

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • VIP account

Each of the above mentioned  accounts carries its own specific features and has a specific minimum deposit requisite and has its own benefits. The VIP account is the most beneficial and has higher minimum requirements. One good thing about the different account plan is that the users will be automatically upgraded once he or she touched the minimum credit requirements. The minimum deposit for silver, gold, platinum and VIP account is 1000, 5000, 20,000, 50,000 respectively. The minimum balance requirement is 500 for silver account, 2000 for gold and 8000 for the platinum account. VIP and platinum account holders can enjoy 3% cash back bonus.
Moreover, stock pair also offers a demo account that helps the people to learn about the various features of this outstanding platform to maximize their profits. Demo account offers a demo money of $5000 to trade with.

Withdrawals and deposits

Traders using stock pair can withdraw and deposit funds in their account by using any of the following methods.

  • Bank wires.
  • Credit cards (VISA and Master cards).
  • E-payments e.g. CashU and Moneybookers.

The necessary funding needs depend on account type of the holder. The minimum amount that has to be deposited to the trading account is 200 dollars. Traders having a silver account have to pay $25 per transaction for the bank wire and the Platinum, gold and VIP account holders can withdraw freely via the bank wires. User an operate his/her stockpair account in British Pounds, US dollars and Euro.

Stockpair Payouts

Payout largely depends on the option type that the stockholder is trading. With the fixed options payouts can be as high as 86 percent while it is much higher for the floating pairs and there is the possibility to reach as high as 350 percent.

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