Step By Step To GTOptions Withdrawal -

Step By Step To GTOptions Withdrawal

GTOptions is one of the leading brokers in today’s world. Millions of transactions are made on that platform at a time. During this, many people do not follow the correct procedure; causing complications and delays. That is why you need to be aware of all the options and terms.

GTOptions Withdrawal options

GToptions does not offer multiple withdrawal methods. They only allow the customers to utilize three methods. These are:

  • Credit card: you can ask for withdrawal on your credit card. This usually takes about two days. The return of funds might take almost three days, if you request it.
  • Wire transfer: this is a popular and the safest method of withdrawal. In this, the amount is directly transferred to your bank account. This also takes one to two days for processing, while three to five days might be required to return them.
  • Moneybookers: this has become a common money saving and transfer website. Many people utilize it in its business transactions. These are processed within a day’s time. You will find the amount credited to your account within two hours of processing.

GTOptions Withdrawal Requirements

Due to all the thieves and fraudulent incidents, GTOptions has set up a security criteria before a withdrawal can be processed. This prevents identity thefts and false transfers. Here are different items and respective criteria:

  • Wire transfer or moneybookers: if you desire to withdraw money through these means, then you would have to submit a copy of the ID card with a clear photo, and a bill or something with your address and name printed on it.
  • Credit card: if you use a credit card as your default method, then you need to send them a copy of both ides of your credit card. But, make sure that the first 12 digits of your card number and CVV are not visible.
  • Bonus: before withdrawing the offered bonus, you need to primarily make a deposit and the bonus should be traded again and again for at least thirty times.
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