How Safe is Binary Options ? -

How Safe is Binary Options ?

Pick Binary options broker with these pointers

The investing pool is exciting and also scary. Executing binary trade yourself may be risky at times and so seeking an alternative is the best. There are many brokers who are ready to work and perform tasks for you.

The foremost question before hiring a binary options broker is that how safe is your binary options broker? To resolve this question, it is best to consider these tips assisting in choosing the best broker.

Customer Service offered

  1. Binary options brokers receive a trading fee. However, if a broker expects a trading fee after executing each transaction, ensure it is a reasonable rate amounting to 10 to 15%.
  2. Customer service should be available through email, live chat and telephone. You should give a test run before signing with a broker.
  3.  The binary options broker you hire should offer refund even if the trade fails to make money. Ascertain the refund is 15% of the money lost.

Appropriate Technology

  • The binary options broker platform should be web based, so that you can check your investments at intervals. Also assure they have the latest trading program version. The account and the program offered by the broker should be easy to access and available in your choice of language.
  • Find if the binary options broker is using an appropriate technology so that you can trade using your smart phone.
  • Choose brokers having ability and good software so that you can also go ahead with multiple trading.
  • Consider safety, ensure your binary options broker employs latest technology and protects your information from identity theft and hackers. it should not allow access to your account to anyone, except for yourself and your binary options broker. This is mandatory as nowadays hackers are also in line with technology.
  • Withdrawal and payment options should be convenient to be done through PayPal, bank transfer, debit or credit card.


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