Pinocchio Binary Options Trading Strategy -

Pinocchio Binary Options Trading Strategy

Pinocchio Binary Options Trading Strategy is a reliable and highly accurate strategy for people who are experienced in the market analysis and other research work. There is zero probability of false breaks in this case. It is also called a pin bar method. This is a price reversal method based on the combination of three consecutive bars. The logic is that the direction of a high bar shows the opposite of the price movement in the market.

Pinocchio Binary Options Trading Strategy Procedure

This is a complete guide on how ton apply Pinocchio Binary Options Trading Strategy:

  1. Preparations: before you start the actual trading you need to open an account with a reputable broker and download the respective software.
  2. Choose the respective settings: decide the currency, commodity or stock. Select it and the necessary requirements to make a pin bar trade.
  3. Identify a Pinocchio bar: once the charts are visible and the time period is selected, then observe the bar formations. What you are searching for is 3 consecutive bar formations; the middle one should be higher than other two. These can be upward and downward direction.
  4.  Choose the best formation: there would be number of formations. The best option would be the one which is 50 percent higher than the low bars around it, and opens or closes at one end.
  5. Trade: if the nose is high, it reflects the low price; so you need to enter low of a Pinocchio bar. If it is the other way around, then you enter long.

Pinocchio Binary Options Trading Strategy Limitations

There are certain limitations to a Pinocchio Binary Options Trading Strategy. The first and foremost is that it is not for everyone. Only an expert can make consistent profit from this. Another big drawback is that it requires a large stop loss. If you come close to it, then saving yourself from suffering a loss is very improbable.

Be careful about …

The only thing that you need to take care of it to never trade in a single bar. Also, if you earn profits; then, do not put the whole amount in the process again. Save some as back up.

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