OptionRally Broker Review | Advantages And Disadvantages

OptionRally Broker Review

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OptionRally Broker Review

If you want to make some quick money in less than an hour with the whooping profit potential of up to 78% of your investment, then you will have a sole binary options trading solution then. Yes, it is nothing but the optionrally.com. You can select the expiry time here in this online platform. It can be set to 1 hour precisely too. Get your position set here and just wait for just one hour time, to see whether your call was right. If in case your trade has not expired in a profitable note, still you will get a refund of about ten percent from this online platform. Hence, you are always secured to a certain extent while trading in this binary options platform. You cannot deplete your account entirely while you deal with the optionrally.com

Interesting Details

The business firms were first launched into the cyber space in the year 2011 and running successfully all now with the support of thousands of clients from all over the world. The headquarters of the firm is situated in the British Virginia islands. Traders have a convenience here as they can trade with just a minimum amount of about 200$ too. The trading amount could be limited to just about twenty five dollars too. Remember you are giving back ten percent out of that too while you are trading in the one hour options. Hence, you can move your coins safely while trading in this platform by all means. The maximum amount of money that you can be trading within this optionally broker is about three thousand dollars. You have the options to trade in four languages, viz. Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, and English.


The trader can choose from a list of options available in the platform as per the personal preferences of his or her own. Sometimes we are not sure about what are the assets to trade with, in such a case we can still use the top buttons available in the platform to check out in detail on what is the best in the offering. You can still scroll down and see the details about every asset that is actually listed in the main menu of the online platform of optionrally.com. A complete list of options can be seen there and you can make your discreet individual choices in that way quite easily.

Customizing each position is crucial here on this platform. You can use the standard one touch option to trade with or the conventional option builder feature too. The iPhone trading options are something interesting to note down here for there are not too many binary options brokers that are offering such extensive range of flexibility for the users to access the site from any gadget as they prefer. A latest binary options trading platform to have set such a bar for the peers when it comes to mobile compatibility is something that is amazing to be appreciated essentially.

Key features

• Asset index that is provided in the platform will offer the trader a wide range of stock options
• You have more than 20 stock options to choose from
• There are more than 15 currency pairs to deal with
• There are more than 14 indices to trade with as well.
• Short demonstration video to give the trader a clear idea about the trading zone, is impressive
• Best analysis and representation of data and reports with neat charts
When the US market is closed then you cannot trade with related stocks during that time as it is binary options trading. It is an easy to use platform that is preferred by most traders in the binary options trading zone.


A full five stars can be offered on the site, as it is one of the best sites, to provide a range of benefits to the traders.
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  1. Basil says:

    Hi, Is there anything to choose between OPTION RALLY & INTERACTIVE OPTION? I had a bad experience with a broker in Cyprus recently and am now doing some research before depositing my hard earned lolly with just anyone! Many thanks, Basil Croeser (Ireland)

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