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OptionGround withdrawal Process

In Option Trading, the withdrawal can be made only when there is sufficient amount is present in the account. The banking page of the official site will help you to do the withdrawal process and the login should be made before going further steps.

There are many procedures to withdraw the amount and the proper verification is made. If the withdrawal is made, then the chance of getting the bonus awards will be reduced.

OptionGround withdrawal Process

  The steps may be varied according to the method chosen to withdraw, which is made at the registration time. If the withdrawal amount exceeds the credit card limit, then the remaining amount can be transferred through the wire transfer.

Charges to OptionGround withdrawal

If the withdrawal is made one time in the month, then there is no need to pay any charge. If the withdrawal is made more than one time in a single month, then the customers are liable to pay $30 as a fee. The fees may change according to the value of currency and the trading value.
There is no restriction in taking the amount as minimum for credit card and others. But, the amount should be at least $100 for taking through wire transfer.


Management department allows the person to withdraw after complete verifying the process and the details of the customers. The process needs the documentation and this section needs more details of the customers,The withdrawal can be done, after 36 hours from which the request is made. If there is any problem at the time of verification, then the time will be extended more than 36 hours.

Cancelling the withdrawal

The withdrawals that are in pending can be cancelled easily by using the tab on banking page. The cancellation will lead the amount to remain in balance and it can be used for trading. When the withdrawal amount is pending for more than 14 days, then it will be automatically canceled by the experts. This amount also again added in the deposit and used for trade,The third part cannot easily withdraw the money of traders, since there is a long process for verifying the bank details. If there is any profit, then the original amount can be withdrawn except the profit. If there is any loss, then the loss amount can be deducted from the deposit and the remaining amount can be taken.

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