Opteck scam - Can Anyone Say That ? MUST READ REVIEW

Opteck scam – Can Anyone Say That ?

Opteck trading platform has taken the binary option trading world like a storm. This newly established company is attracting traders because of its user friendly techniques ad features. It is completely web-based service; this means that you do not have to download any software on your computer. The most renowned feature of the service is its “option builder”. This allows the user in managing his accounts, and minimization of risks with the maximization of the gains. The accessible nature of the features, variety of assets with effective expiry duration, free services and high return rate make it a viable choice for online traders.

Science behind Opteck Trading Platform

Because of so many unbelievable benefits, many people might think the Opteck scam is a true. This is a false rumor, because everything provided is supported by scientific information and analysis. The techniques used to provide you with the best opportunities are:

  • Fundamental analysis: the market prices might shift any time; with a change in the demand and supply of an asset. Rather than doing your own research, opteck provides you with this information. They take into account the financial and political news and events. Subjective deductions are by the application of macroeconomics, on these factors.
  • Asset index: this provides you complete profiles and data about the commodities, stocks and currencies available for trading.
  • Technical analysis: the professional at opteck make arrangements so that the outcomes of the analysis is reflected their profiles. This provides you the effective information. Technical analysis is actually the study of changes in the market prices according to the present circumstances, so that an estimate of the future price can be generated.
  • Trend following: this company examined all the past changes in past prices and the circumstances at that time. Specific changes under special circumstance show repetitive trends. The website provides complete information about these trends, to help you in making the right choice.
  • Momentum: this technique is used to shed light on future predictions about price. This helps the user to understand the future risks and benefits of a trade. These changes are updated on a regular basis.
  • Pattern recognition: this is the analysis of future techniques which have been successful in predicting future prices. This acts as a starting point for making a judgment.


A binary option in search of tricking people into trading on their platform would not go through all this trouble to provide its users with legitimate information and research material. In addition it also provides market reviews, as well as reviews about itself. This shows that it is completely devoted for their customer’s benefits. So Opteck Scam is just a rumor about this unique and reliable Binary Option broker.


Opteck Rating By SuperBinaryOptions.com

These Points are granted to Opteck Broker using our rating criteria .

  • User Friendly Platform : Our Team Rate as Very Good which will give  Opteck 9 Points 
  • Number Of Assets :Opteck Has 70 Pairs  to trade which will give Opteck 10 Points 
  • First Time Deposit :  Opteck First Time Deposit Bonus is 50% which will give  Opteck 6 Points 
  • Deposit And Withdrawal Options :  Opteck Has More than 5 Different Deposit/ Withdrawal Methods ( Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, Moneybooker, Moneygram, Liberty reserve , Cash-U and more ) which will give  Opteck 10 Points 
  • Customer Support / Live Chat / Telephone Number Availability 
    • Customer Support  : +5 Points 
    • Live Chat : +5 Points 
    • Telephone Number Availability : +5 Points  
  • Regulated Broker ? No which will give  Opteck 5 Points 
  • Demo Account ? Yes (On Request) which will give  Opteck 10 Points 
  • SuperBinaryOptions Rating : Our Team Rate  Opteck with 20 Points 


Opteck Overall rating is

87 / 100

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4 Responses to “Opteck scam – Can Anyone Say That ?”

  1. trading bourse binaire says:

    Super good website guy ! Thank you

  2. Najah says:

    Optics is a scam people don’t use it. They try to pressure you to go for a bigger package. They say you can watch videos and have a broker the broker I had was the worst we would book appointments and he would not contact me. I try to contact customer support and they are the worst and don’t assist you or file a complaint. I lost a lot and they send you notifications so you just loose. Go see a real broker they just bet against you so both ways they win. Worst company ever!!

  3. David Ray says:

    Just try to close your account. They stall and stall and stall. You are supposed to just give up and go away so they can call it an abandoned account and keep the balance.

  4. Matt says:

    I actually had my doubts after joining and requested an immediate return of my money, which I got. A customer complaint supervisor contacted me 2 weeks later to follow up. Im considering re-joining.

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