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MetaTrader as Binary Options Trading Tool

1One of the generic tools that serve as a best Binary Options Trading Tool is Meta Trader. This platform connects us to various possible brokers. More than hundreds of brokers from the world use this trade platform and they are well satisfied of their features. It is a small platform which performs all the tasks that a forex trader faces and they are done without being connected to a broker. Meta Trader is said to be a successful trading platform, from the successful users of it.

Binary Options Platform

MT4 platform provides compatibility to binary option trading and offers a shared interface to all other platforms. Here the traders are given the option to use their existing accounts ,to start trading from binary option platform. Hence we can say this is a customizable platform and the content management allows clients to design ad host their website. The platform gives us more comfort and easiness to use. This makes the traders to largely use the MetaTrader on their own interest. Making money is easier with Meta Trader.

The online binary option market is growing massively in recent years. Their simplicity and risk attracted a large number of professional and beginner online traders. The innovation and trend in creating the binary option MetaTrader platform makes the work easier for the users. There is no such rule for whom to conduct trade in this website and the risks are much reduced when compared to others. All we need to do it sit relax and watch how our investments grows exponentially.

Advantages of Meta Trader as a Trading Platform

  • Enables a user friendly environment with a lot of experienced traders with lot of ease and comfort ability.
  • Experts and traders can customize their trade which best fits their ability and needs.
  • The binary option MetaTrader platform supports all currency crosses and other commodities
  • The requests of the traders will be solved very quickly and the implementation is so good.
  • The user information such a account details and password are viewed from same platform.

Wiser Trading

Trading options are very easy to use and utilize. The risks of investments are guided with the help of brokers. We must be cautious and need to make deals with only the reliable brokers. Understanding the work and handling different assets makes our trade more profitable. By working smartly we can attain a higher number of deals.

The Fractal Guru Strategy

Fractals and ADX background

The fractals are simpler patterns which has a higher trend in the market. Traders of forex have experienced the usage of fractals. They are simply like bar charts but have a functionality to analyze the trade. The fractal has been first introduced by Bill McWilliams .They are nothing but a consecutive bars where the comparison of larger and smaller bars in the back and forth. It can be higher or lower than the previous or following bars.
The indicator gives us the movement of direction of prices or the market strength. Meta trader platform has these feature default. These are helpful in selecting a high quality trade among all other trades. One of such indicator is called a ADX or Average directional movement index which is also named as the ADX indicators.

Understanding the strategy

The fractal guru strategy has been explained by Navin Prithyani for the buy and sell of the stock. He gave the strategy explained in the form of a graph. This strategy is one among the binary option strategy. The graph consist of fractals that are jumping up and down depending upon the rise and fall in the market. We need to look in the fractals whose tails are pointing downwards to the fractals.

Long (Buy) position using fractal guru strategy

Here the blue line seems to be rising, while the green above the red lines. Always notice a tail pointing down the fractals and enter long. Exit with a proper money management scheme.This graph shows the position for long which says about buy in the trade market.


Short (sell) position using Fractal guru strategy

Here the blue line seems to be rising where the red above the green lines,Here notice the tail pointing upwards to fractals. Exit with a proper money management scheme cross green and red lines.This graph gives the position for short which says about sell in the trade market.



A beginner can start with a platform which is highly reliable and should follow a good strategy of trade. The observation needs to be important in choosing a right trade platform. Adopt effective strategy like fractal guru strategy to ensure a successful career in trading. Most of the professional brokers and traders will give you feedback about these platforms. It is so tough to start with a new thing in the beginning, so go through the platform several times and start with the most favorable and reliable thing.

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