MagnumOptions Scam Review -

MagnumOptions Scam Review

The dictionary meaning of ‘Scam’ means any fraudulent activity or deceitful practice. In the world of binary options, accusations fly to and fro about the authenticity of various brokers. However, this does not mean that they are all scammers. Sometimes these accusations are leveled by brokers themselves to belittle the competition. You have to review each broker to check for his genuineness.


What Are Factors Determining The Aspect Of Scamming?


  • Low Quality Of Trading Software

The software of trading platform can be of poor quality of those brokers who are not genuine. So it is advisable to try their demo software and if that has a lot of problems then the quality of the broker’s trading platform is sure to be of poor quality.

  • Unsatisfactory Customer Service

A binary options broker whose customer service has poor reviews is eligible to be classified as a scam. It is best to avoid such a broker.

  • Policies Of Withdrawal

There could be times when you earn huge profits from binary options trading. In such times the withdrawal policies of the brokers become critical. Hence it is necessary to have knowledge about his policies before trading with him.

  • Broker’s Country Of Registration

If the headquarters of the broker are situated in a country where not much infrastructure regulation is available then it is better you are away from him.

What Are Features Of Magnum Options?

Magnum Options is the latest entrant to the field of binary options trading. Its headquarters are located in the British island of Anguilla which is more stable than Cyprus which is normally the base of all brokers. The management team comprises of all financial experts who have been in the related field for more than ten years or so.
The features of this broker can be enumerated against the background of the above mentioned factors.

Trading Platform

Being 100% web-based, trading can be done from any part of the world. No loading of any software is needed. Traders can trade while on move due to the smart phone application provided here. The trading platform is one of its kinds giving traders the most enjoyable experience.

Satisfactory Customer Service

All the clients’ queries are satisfactorily resolved by the customer support staff. These are available through emails, live chat or telephone.

Payouts and Commissions

The average payout rate with Magnum Options is a decent 80-85%. One withdrawal per month is free of commission with every incremental withdrawal being charged $30 as fee. The withdrawal money gets collected into your account within one and half weeks, taking all time into consideration and this is a reasonable period.

Accuracy Of Data

All data provided is accurate and includes all live-feed from leading stock exchanges. There is no manipulation whatsoever of any data. Full disclosure of the expiry rates for all options is given ad this information is open to all irrespective of your registration with them.

To Conclude

The factors which determine whether a broker is a scam or not are all refuted by the features of Magnum Options. Hence review indicates that it is a good choice for binary options trading and MagnumOptions scam is definitely FALSE.

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