Lazy Day Trader Strategy -

Lazy Day Trader Strategy

Online trading is a risky business. This is why many tools and strategies keep coming up in the market to ease out the task of making a trade predictable. Traders find such strategies helpful. It helps them to control the risk factor in the trade. Though no strategy can reduce the risk of trading a hundred percent, it surely can reduce the extent of loss you may incur. The trading strategies are also used to find out if an investment will work out or not. Some Binary Options strategies guide the traders to invest in a calculated way such that they make profits. Lazy day trader strategy is one such plan.

Advantages of Lazy Day Trader Strategy

Here are some of the benefits that the strategy claims to provide,

  • It is a quickly applicable strategy.
  • It is very simple to understand the steps. You just need to invest in certain price ranges.
  • It is a tried and tested method given by an experienced trade expert.
  • It guarantees to give you profits at least in one of the steps entailed within it.
  • The strategy can be implemented by all. Irrespective of whether you are an experienced trader or a novice, you can understand and apply the strategy.


About Lazy Day Trader Strategy

Here are some points that illustrate the lazy day trader strategy,

  • The strategy entails investing in 4 steps.
  • The 1st step involves investing 10 USD with an expiry time of 15 minutes.
  • The 2nd step involves investing 26 USD.
  • The 3rd step involves investing 65 USD.
  • And finally, the 4th step involves investing 150 USD.

If you gain a profit in any of the 4 steps, you should not continue, you need to go back to the first step. You have to continue to the next steps only when you lose in a step.

Before starting your investment, you need to check what the majority of the traders have chosen to bid on, call or put. You need to build your investment on the same option. Before every step you need to check the majority bid option of the traders. You need to align yourself with this option always.
Thus the lazy day trader strategy can be executed in a very simple fashion. However, it is always good to try a strategy on mock trading accounts before you actually use them.

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