Know More About The 2 Minutes And 5 Minutes Strategies

Know More About The 2 Minutes And 5 Minutes Strategies

Finally, 24Option, one of the best binary trading platforms in the world decided to add two important trading strategies for its clients. we are talking about the 2-minute and 5-minute trading schemes, which are popular especially amongst the experienced traders. However, you will have to read the 24Option Review to see how it works, and if those are in accordance with your trading strategies. The 24Option Review also tells you how to use those options in your advantage.

The 2 minute and 5 minute strategies are designed especially for advanced traders, as we are talking about some fast paced strategies. If you want to take one of those options, you will have to observe the evolution of the chart for the last five minutes, and you should setup your trade in less than a minute. You realize that we are talking about a fast paced strategy, so unless you know what you need to do, it is better to stay away from those strategies.

When should you use The 2 Minutes And 5 Minutes Strategies

With those strategies, you should aim for 10-12 pips profits. sure, it is a little disappointing, considering the fact that the daily target for a trader is 100 pips. On the other hand, just think about the fact that you can apply this strategy practically 100 times a day, and in this case, even if the individual profit for a transaction were not impressive, the results would be a lot better on the overall.

The 2 and 5 minute strategies must be used as reverse patterns. You should not take those as trend confirmation. Whenever you feel that the direction of the price is about to change, based on your strategies, you should enter the market with such an order. The best indicators that could tell you if the trend is about to change Is the EMA. Don’t choose the simple moving averages, as those might be deceiving in some cases. the EMA would give you clues about the direction of the market, and if you think that you have a good transaction in your hand, you should not hesitate to take it. Set a stop loss a little lower than your entry point. In case you lose the transaction, you will never lose too many pips, but if you have a winning strategy in your hand, the satisfaction would be immense.

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