Is CedarFinance for Beginners and Advanced Traders?

Is CedarFinance for Beginners and Advanced Traders?

CedarFinance is a great trading platform. Once you take it into consideration, the first thing that you need to ask yourself that is CedarFinance for beginners and advanced traders, both. Discussed in this article are the reasons why is good for CedarFinance for beginners and advanced traders.

Multiple trading options

The first thing that makes it suitable for both starters and experienced traders is the variety of trading options. These are:


  • One touch: This is an option for advanced traders that have market experience and understanding. Beginners should keep a distance from this. This allows the trader to earn as much as 500% of the amount they invested, but requires the prediction of price and direction; which requires great knowledge.
  • General Binary options : This is for all types of traders. Although the chances of profit increase as you gain experience. You just have to predict whether the price will increase or decrease during the expiry time. Even if you are a beginner and have no experience, there is still 50% probability of profit.
  • Option builder : This is a great option for both traders, new or experienced. This allows the trader to customize their own trade by choosing the asset, time, risk probability and direction. Although some degree of knowledge and understanding of asset trends is required to correctly execute this.

Training facilities- a beginner’s best asset

The platform provides training opportunities to the beginners, about how the markets operate. They teach them how to execute a trade, and what to avoid. They give guided tours and seminars. In addition to this, if the person believes that he requires more information and learning opportunities, he can ask for a one on one training.

60 seconds strategy

This strategy works great for both new and experienced traders. This allows them to make high profit in a short while. In addition to this the person has the ability to execute more trades in limited time. Also, since this is the only platform which started to offer this strategy, they have the highest experience, and the ability to provide the best guidance regarding it. This will increase the chances of profit.

Advanced tools for advanced traders

These are relatively new tools that can be used by experienced traders to make money or decrease the risk of loss.
Roll over-if you have done all the research, and after starting the trade you realize that the trend yo predicted might show in the after the time is over, or you are out of money, then this tool gives you the ability to extend the time period of next time of expiry.
Double up- if you believe that the rate will continue the same pattern then you can use this tool to begin a new position, with the same rate. The old position will be released. This results in higher return, and increased investment.

Complete guidance

If you are a beginner, your personal account manager will help you in every step of the way. You can contact the brokers for financial advice, or ask the support to get rid if any confusion that you might hold. They provide phone, email, Skype and live chat service, no matter what time it is. Similarly advances traders might also require help sometimes; getting instant access to the answers of their inquiries is more crucial for them.

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