iOption Shuts down – Many Traders Disappointed -

iOption Shuts down – Many Traders Disappointed

There are lots of binary option platforms and iOption is one of them. This is an option that makes use of different features like the high/low or Up/Down, the 60 seconds, Option Builder and One touch. It has been a platform that got thousands of customers or users enjoy the return of up to 75 % for a while until recently. The shocking news that iOption has down its websites and is redirecting the customers to has shown that the platform is no longer going to operate.

Why iOption Shuts down ?

The reason for this is Binary Options Scam. The shutdown of the official site of the platform happened on November 8th, 2013. iOption did not give any prior information to its affiliates, traders and their media partners that they were in a big trouble before the shut down. However, it should be known that the site is no longer working even though that the site is currently operating without any change. For those who are making use of the binary option, they should not use the site or make payment because it is risky.

The traders who have made use of this site should not panic because the CySec, the Cypriot regulator is going to cover any deposit within a user’s account. This may not happen over time because it is a matter of time and everyone who has money in iOption account would be paid. For affiliates, they are not expected to get any paid out.

There are other Binary Option Traders that are secure and trustworthy for any trader who would want to trade but no longer iOption that was involved in fraudulent activities. The fact was it was reported that over some months ago, traders who wanted to make withdrawals were having difficulty getting their funds back. And for the employees of the company, they have not been paid and are still expecting their funds. The first company to offer its users a 100% welcome bonus was iOption and it was also responsible for the introduction of Heat Signature in the market. This is one of the most innovative technique for traders around the world because it is used to get accurate trading alerts.

What is strange about this shut down was iOption received its CySEC CIF license on 30th October, 2013 and they are one of the licensed and Regulated Binary Options brokers in the market before now. The employees of the company have been dismissed and there are lots of activities that were against the rules of binary trading that the company got involved with. For those who are affected, they can make their complaints to CySEC and for those who are about trading, there are so many reputable binary option platforms that are out there online. However, it is imperative that anyone who is new to the binary option trading should make use of a certified and licensed broker who would be able to help them make profit in the market. iOption is just one the many brokers in the world.

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