Grand Old Duke of York Strategy -

Grand Old Duke of York Strategy

There are many Binary Options trading strategies around. Many strategies are used for analysis of the current market position. Some are used to predict the upcoming trading trends, while some others are used to know whether a particular investment piece is going towards the expected level or not. As a trader you may always wonder what strategies you would need to use. The answer lies in what kind of trading you want to do and what kind of risk are you ready to take.

About Grand Old Duke of York Strategy

Here are some points that explain about the Grand Old Duke of York Strategy in binary options trading scenario,

  • It gives multiple chances for the trader to put forth the trading bets.
  • It does so by allowing the user to bet on different levels of payouts like 100, 60, 30, 10 and 0.
  • Since many strikes are involved, the trading pattern of all or nothing can be broken. This means that you will have some amount of profit. You will not be in a situation where you will either win or lose.
  • There are a series of formula that are deduced to get the actual value of your gain.
  • The strategy is good for people who would want to have increased chances of making gain. If your trading style involves steady strategies and non-extreme investments, then you can use the Duke of York Strategy.
  • Many consider the strategy as a variation of another binary options strategy named tunneling. The difference is that in tunneling you will get only one chance to strike your bet, where as in Duke of York, you will get 5 chances. Since it gives more number of chances comparatively, this strategy is used by many.

On the whole, this Grand Old Duke of York Strategy is especially suited for experienced traders. It is not that novice traders cannot use it. But it may require a bit of effort to understand the strategy and its application. Nevertheless once you begin using it, you will start becoming more and more comfortable with it. The experienced traders can always relate the strategy to tunneling, if you already know about it. Just learning up the variations will be sufficient for you. So, irrespective of what level of knowledge you have about trading, you can make use of this strategy. It reduces risk and also gives you better changes of making gains.

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