Finopex Withdrawal Process - How easy is it ?

Finopex withdrawal process – How easy is it ?

Finopex is one of the new entrants to the field of binary trading and they are shining in the field with their quality services and flexible trading options. There are a lot of advantages and unique features in their site and so, we suggest many people to try it out Finopex trading at least once and then decide whether to continue trading in them or not.

Flexibilities in Finopex withdrawal

If you are trading for a while and want to withdraw money from the account, you can simply go to banking page and its inner link withdrawal to know the procedures to follow in order to withdraw the money out of the account. If you have used a particular credit card to upload the money into the account, the same credit card number will be used for the Finopex withdrawal process too. You will be sent the money within 48 to 72 hours to that credit card account at a free of charge. If you want wired transfer or any other means to receive the money, then it would be charged from $30 to more depending upon the withdrawal method, you use. If you have uploaded the money in USD, then you would receive it in USD and if you had used GBP, then you would receive money in GBP. For the first time alone, the customers have to give an ID proof to verification purpose and comply with anti money laundering policies.Once the particular trader crosses 20 times the bonus amount, then he / she carries no limit for the withdrawal and so can remove even huge amounts out of their account.

Procedures and fees

When the withdrawal exceeds the amount deposited, then the balance of the withdrawal amount will be transferred to the person via wired transfer. The minimum amount to withdraw is $250 and subsequent lower fees will be charged with $30 fees or equivalent other currency amount from their accounts,But since one withdrawal per month is allowed for all the users at free of charge, we don’t have to use more withdrawals each month and still for additional withdrawals, $30 will be charged from their accounts.

By these various online and offline withdrawal options, Finopex can step out other trading companies in the field and emerge as the top brokerage concern through their valid servicing and quality trading tips and options. If you want to know more about the Finopex features and advantages, browse through internet for more reviews.

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