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Finopex Scam review

Even though Finopex is a new entrant to the binary option trading, they have showed diversity and high usability with an impressive platform driven by passion and vision to deliver to the clients. Finopex Scam Review will only go in their favor since it would only tell you about the people who have experienced superior trading experience from their company traders.

Initial welcome bonuses

Their advantages start from Sign up itself. If you register in their site now and enter into their trading, you can get a 75% special bonus for that. Apart from this welcome 75% bonus, various levels of incentives such as Gold, silver and bronze are available. For professional traders with initial deposit of over $5000 to $9999, more than 75% bonus is offered and for mediocre traders with initial deposit of $1k to $4999, they would get 50% bonus and for those who falls less than would receive 25% bonus in the bronze incentive.

Depositing and withdrawal options

Since Finopex is new and the customer base is reaching more than expected and so they are expanding their languages and currencies too. As of now, they only accept deposits from USD, Euros and GBP but they will give the clients a flexibility to operate with any currencies of their choices. Similarly, deposits and withdrawals to Finopex are only accepted with credit cards, Moneybookers and western union but Finopex will expand this option in the coming days for sure.

Highly satisfying customer service

The main intension and vision of the Finopex is to provide customers with whatever they want at best. If the clients want to know the choices to trade from, Finopex brokers will take the time to explain the pros and cons of all the trades and let them choose among them. They are available email / Skype and through phone and for 6 days in a week and 24 hours a day over voice responses.
Since Finopex is a new entrant to the binary trading and they want to satisfy their clients with utmost care, they strive to get feedback and suggestions back from their customers. They even want to face the complaints and show professionalism by viewing the problems from a user experience and solving them.
With all these extremely higher features and advantages over other binary trading companies, Finopex is absolute to take the industry to next new level and satisfy the clients and multiply their profits in multiple folds.


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