Finding the right time of a week to trade binary options

Finding the right time of a week to trade binary options

The Binary options trading depends on many factors, such as the news and rumors of the market, the evolution of stocks and currencies, but also of the inspiration of the trader. There are periods when you just need to get out of the market, to wait and see its evolution and other periods when you need to invest as much as possible, especially when the market is favorable. Let’s see the best time to trade binary options, and the factors that could affect the trading.

What to do in Days of the week to trade binary options

Monday Trading

Monday is a day of waiting for binary options trading. Instead of trading, it is better to take care about other aspects of your investments, such as:

Closing the positions that you have opened since the last week. Even if some of them were not so profitable, it is advisable to close those, as the news of the market might affect their value even more. Don’t worry, as you will be able to recover the respective loses this week
Read the news – this way, you will determine which stocks and currencies will be profitable, and you can establish the trading strategy for the next week
Withdraw and deposit money in your account

Tuesday Trading

Tuesday is one of the most active days for trading, and maybe the best time to trade binary options, Check the strategy that you have established the last day and see what stocks are mostly suited for it.  Open the trading positions

Wednesday Trading

Wednesday is a waiting day in trading, although some investors prefer to open even more positions. See if the positions that you have opened Tuesday are profitable, adjust them if possible, and invest more in the positions that brought you profits.

Thursday Trading

On Thursday, the storm in binary options trading begins. Let’s see the common actions that must be done during this day:

  • Close the positions that brought you loses
  • Close the positions that brought you profits. if you think that those transactions could bring you even more profits the next day, leave those opened

On Thursday, you can also start elaborating the strategy for the next week, considering the results that you have had this week.

Friday Trading

Friday is a day for balances. The majority of traders have a short day, and there are not so many transactions made. Some say that this is the best time to trade binary options, considering that the majority of other traders are “dormant”. However, this is a strategy only for advanced traders, and you should try it only if you have the required experience.

The strategies stated here are only for general guidance. This is the common behavior of the traders, but this does not mean that you are not allowed to get out of this pattern. On the contrary, if you feel that you have a good possibility to win some money; it is a good idea to start trading in your binary options broker in any day, as any opportunity must be exploited in this competitive market.

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