CedarFinance Welcome Bonus: Why Should You Join Them

CedarFinance Welcome Bonus: Why Should You Join Them

Cedar Finance is one of the most important internet traders, having astonishing results for its clients. Their ROI’s (Return of Investment) of 81 % per month convinced many investors to join them, but there are several other advantages of joining this service, including the CedarFinance Welcome Bonus.

What Bonuses are offered by Cedar Finance for joining?

As there are different types of clients, there are also different subscriptions, each one with their corresponding bonuses. Let’s see what benefits you can have by joining Cedar Finance.

Bronze Account – The Bronze Account is created for clients that deposit 200-999$, and it has a value of 30% this means that, if you deposit 200$, you will have 260$ tradable dollars.

Silver Account – This option is for intermediary investors, which have 1000-4999$ to invest. Those clients would get a bonus of 50, meaning that your 1000$ deposited dollars would give you the opportunity to trade 1500$

Gold Account – this account was designed for the most important clients of Cedar Finance, those who invest sums from 5000 to 9999$. Those clients benefit of 75% bonus, meaning that depositing 9999$ would give you instant access to almost 17 500$ to trade

Why should you join CedarFinance?

Besides the possibilities of winning some really good money, there are several other reasons to join this platform. For example, they have the unique Asset Index where you can watch the performances of your account live. Here, you will also have a description for each company listed, so you can determine if the respective company deserves your attention. CedarFinance only trades stocks of the most important companies of the world, like Microsoft, Google or General Motors, and the name of those companies and their experience are a guarantee that the clients of CedarFinance would obtain profits.

Besides stocks, at CedarFinance, it is also possible to invest in currency pairs, commodities and indexes. The unique characteristic of CedarFinance is their system of pairs. Here, you can trade Binary Options, which are the latest gold mine for real investors. With those pairs, the risk of the investor is practically minimum, as there are possibilities of winning money even on a falling market.

CedarFinance tried to create a service for everybody. This means that the financial jargon, which is so deceiving and annoying is eliminated, and even an amateur of trading could easily understand how to trade here. Of course, the support is available for people that need it, through mail, live chat or phone. This facility is mostly important when you decide to invest in a company, but you are not really sure that the respective company is the best option that you have.

The Trading Platform

As trading is made easy with CedarFinance, the trading platform is also intuitive, containing everything that is needed for a trader. Therefore, everything you need to do for starting a solid money making initiative is to join the website, to claim your CedarFinance Welcome Bonus, and to trade Binary Options of any kind like a professional.


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