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CedarFinance Account Types

As can be verified from the various options on the internet, it can easily be verified that CedarFinance is a trusted website in regards to online trading. What we shall be covering today are the options they offer while trading. The portal has three options for the usual trader to deposit in. Needless to say, all of these offer some kind of bonus while conforming to the initial deposit amount. The CedarFinance Account Types can be divided into the following;  The starter option is meant for the very basic in term of traders and needs as little as $200 to be opened. This option actually offers a bonus of up to 30% based on how much is deposited. The range for this is 200-499 USD/Euro/GBP. Similarly we can see the Bronze, Silver and the Gold accounts with initial deposits of 500-999, 1000-4999 and 5000-10000 respectively. The bonuses offered are up to 50%, 75% and 100% of these.

Now we come to the actual trading Binary options offered. As the CedarFinance review can be checked up on, the platform likes to keep things simple. As such, the usual put/ call trade in the long term and the short term (60 seconds) are available. Additionally, the One Touch variety is also available. For the uninitiated, the One Touch option refers to merely pointing the trade in a general direction- meaning when a preset price is reached, the trader makes the profit.

Extra options offered by the broker include Double Up and Roll Over. Double Up lets an investor duplicate an investment which seems to be heading in the direction that was previously determined. Rollover, on the other hand, lets an investor add more time to an existing trade so that it might end up in a favorable position later on although it was not playing out as required when it was supposed to end. Note though that Rollover charges an extra of 30% of the existing trade but gives an extra of 30% on the return if it does play out.

The broker itself offers a pretty high return compared to other portals, rated at as high as 81%. The lowest rate of return is about 65-75% which is also good. Furthermore, once a week, a special return of 500% is offered on a One Touch trade. Cedar Finance review on various websites peg the broker as trustworthy. The little negative review received is quite normal and comes from the people who did not understand what they were getting into. Overall, it can be safely concluded that the broker is definitely a very good option to opt for if you are looking to trade with minimum hassle.

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