BNRY Broker Review -

BNRY Broker Review

BNRY is a relatively new platform which has not reached its optimum fame yet. BNRY broker reviews are close to none. However, our team has finally completed this unique BNRY Broker Review to Discuss the basic characteristics of the BNRY Trading Platform:

  • Assets: The platform provides the option to trade in three different types of assets, that are stocks, commodities, currency and indices. These further include numerous options to trade in. If you cannot find the asset you want to invest in, you can contact the management and they will try to incorporate it in the list of assets.
  • Security: The platform ensures high grade security through an internationally recognized security system called Secure sockets layer or SSL, in short. This is an automated system that provides complete security and notifications if the protocol is not supported by your browser.
  • Customer support: BNRY is a user friendly platform; providing users to trade with simplicity and effectiveness. You have the option to contact BNRY brokers through live chat, phone support and a personal email.
  • Payment processing: Three modes of payment processing are offer that is wire transfer, credit or debit card option, and online methods; while you can transact in either US dollar and Euros. A trader cannot withdraw less than $/€ 100. While you have to make a minimum deposit of $/€ 100 or 10,000 yen.
  • Registration: It is simple, you just have to provide the information and you will receive the verification link. No initial deposit is required in order to register with the platform; this is a rare feature among binary trading platforms now-a-days.
  • Trading Technology: The software is web-based and completely automated. Due to this, the rates can change instantly as the market changes; resulting in abrupt and unpredictable changes in the rates.
  • Language support: The trading platform is available in three different languages. One of them being English, French and Russian.
  • Rate of return: In general the rate of return is 65% to 75% of the amount you initially invested, but the precise rates are mentioned below the each asset that you can trade in.Although BNRY provides 10% return if the option expires.
  • Educational opportunities: BNRY provides quite few educational tools as compared to other platforms. They provide traders with past trends to make future judgement in some cases, and guide on how to use the platform. There is no tutorial on trading and other advanced tools.

So, the platform provides an efficient opportunity to earn through Forex trading; but it is simple and less advanced in comparison to other more advanced platforms.



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  1. Daniel says:

    Stay away from this company!!!! I deposited 1000$ and after I lost aroung 200$ with their scammed platform, I asked to withdraw my funds. It’s been 3 week and theuy still haven’t send me the funds, always new excuse.
    Customer service is really bad!!!! There are a lot of other great brokers out there . If you care about your money STAY AWAY FROM THEM !!!!

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