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Binary Options Types

6 Binary Options Types No to Miss

Before you could hit it big time in trading, you may want to understand the different binary options types first. Understanding these various types of binary options is important to measure how competent you are to play the game before you decide to move into something more complex and challenging, yet more rewarding, financially speaking.

Digital Option

Sometimes regarded as above/below option, this one proves to be the easiest to understand as all you need to do is to predict whether the price of an asset will go up or down upon the expiration. If you discern that the price will go up, you then vote for an above option. If the price will go down, then hit the below option. It is as simple as this; you won’t even have to predict how much the price will vary.

Touch Option

This one is a little more complicated, hence it may be hard to predict. But because of its complexity, the good news is that once you’ve done it rightly then you could expect a high payout. The principle here is to create either an upper or a lower limit, and then you have to decide whether it will go past such limit or if it is bound to stay within such measures.

One Touch

For this kind of binary option, you must set a level that could be above or lower an asset’s current price. In case the price touches your set levels before the expiration, then the option closes and you get to enjoy the payout. Now, what occurs to the price after such time is no longer your concern as one touch is all that it takes. But if ever the option expires before your set level is reached then you will lose.

No Touch

Among the binary options types, the no touch is a complete opposite of one touch binary option as here you are predicting that the price of a certain asset will not reach your set measures before it expires. If ever the price fell on your set level then you will not get any payout.

Double Touch

This type is highly similar with the one touch option, other than it allows you to create upper and lower limit at the same time. Once you deal with a double touch option, you are expecting that the price will both touch the upper and the lower limit before it expires.

Double No Touch

This type allows you to set both an upper and lower limit although you want the price to remain within the range throughout the trading process. Once it does exactly as you please, you will get the payout.

So here are some of the binary option types, understand them well to ensure success in the field. Also remember that it always pay to start with types that are easy before you convince yourself to jump into more complex kinds.

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