Available Binary Options Strategies At Stockpair

Binary Options Strategies At Stockpair

Investing in binary options is now the uprising method of making money for a large number of people, and even if this activity is only at the beginning, its growing popularity brought the attention of some solid investors. We are talking about people that are familiar with Forex and stocks for a long time, people that were able to develop some solid binary options strategies also. For example, the One Touch and Double Touch strategies were developed by those people, so today; we can talk about profitable Binary Options Strategies to make money on binary options websites, such as Stockpair.

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One Touch vs. Double Touch Binary Options Strategies

Traders use both those methods with great success. Besides this, there is also the 60 seconds strategy, but it is not effective in Binary Trading. Some say that it is not effective even for Forex, but one thing is for certain. If you want to make pips in binary trading, the one touch and double touch Binary Options Strategies is what you need.

One Touch strategy

The One Touch strategy is perfect for binary trading, as traders get to choose the variables, so they could choose exactly what they want. It is important, as some traders are good when it comes to anticipating the prices of gold and oil, but they are not that great at stocks and Forex. With the Touch strategies, they will be able to choose exactly what assets they want to trade, increasing their chances of winning some serious money.

The one touch strategy refers to a certain type of asset, and to a certain rate for the respective asset. This is great, as the trader can even establish a pre-determined profit. This way, no matter what happens with the binary option, the trader would gain some profits.

The concept of binary options is flexible as it is. The variables in trading are flexible, and considering the fact that the strategy is pretty easy, being one of the strategies suited both for beginners and advanced traders.

The one touch features supposes for you to invest in a certain asset, whether we are talking about a stock, good or metal. You can choose how much money do you want to invest in this asset, and you can even project some estimated incomes. If your prediction is bad, the stop loss would make sure that you will only lose a few pips, but if it is good, you will be able to make serious money, even before opening the actual position.

Many investors use the one touch strategy today, as it is the perfect strategy for a weekend. If you open positions on goods, such as textiles, electronics or cars, and even on stocks of some companies, you will probably win while staying home for the weekend. On Monday, when the market opens again, you will have some extra pips in your account, or if the position were not so inspired, the stop loss would close the position automatically as soon as you have lost a few pips. The strategy hasn’t worked once? Don’t worry, use it again with greater care, and it would show its advantages eventually.

The Double Touch method

The Double Touch Strategy can be successfully used at Stockpair, just like the single touch one. The double touch strategy was studied by the specialists at Stockpair, so now this platform can offer you the perfect environment where you can test it with great results. As the trader has two prices where he could mark the profit, we can say that this strategy offers you the possibility to win in two scenarios.

How it is used

As the trader would not be able to predict the evolution of prices accurately, he would have to be prepared for as many scenarios as possible. The trader would need notions of fundamental analysis, to determine two possible price levels. Once the points are established, the trader could establish a certain price range in which the price could be situated. Of the price goes out of this interval, the double touch option allows the trader to mark his profits. However, it is important for the price to hit one of those two levels before the expiration of the option, otherwise, the stop loss would be enforced.

60 Seconds strategy – why should you not use it

The 60 Seconds strategy is perfect for people that want to have a smart strategy at their disposal, but it is risky, therefore not recommended. According to this strategy, you should follow the 60 seconds chart for a while, and to predict the price evolution based on your observations. On the other hand, the price in such a small interval could go either way, and this is why it is not recommended to use it. It might be good for Forex, but the binary options are mostly suited for longer intervals, so you must use the hourly and daily chart before establishing your strategy with Stockpair.

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