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Binary Options Extend and Close now Tools

It is not that easy to be a binary options trader. Besides looking at the markets to determine the best assets that can be traded, a good investor must always know the best tools that can be used to make money. A trading strategy that works today might be useless tomorrow, if the conditions of the financial world change. On the other hand, the basic tools and instruments that can be used to trade are always the same. For example, the Extend and Close Now Tools that are used in the financial world for decades remains one of the best Binary Options Tools, although it was first used by Forex traders.

What are the Extend and Close Now Tools

This tool was always interesting for traders, even if they had different names. For example, it can be considered as a rollover instrument based on the double-up principle. The Close tool can be considered as the stop loss that you know about Forex, with the difference that it is one of the Binary Options Tools today.

Those tools can be used with good effects for establishing the volatility of the market. By definition, the binaries are new trading instruments that offer the investor to risk money for profits, but in a safer environment compared with the one of Forex. Practically, the investor has to anticipate the price of an asset at a certain moment. If the prediction is right, it means that the investor wins some money. The sum is established since the start, which makes binaries safer than other instruments. With the Extend and Close Now Tools, the safety of transactions is increased even more, as this way; the investor knows how to anticipate prices.

How to use those

Just like other Binary Options Tools, the instrument can be used in several ways. Just like in Forex, it is possible to modify your binary option before its expiry date, in certain conditions, of course. While the beginners prefer to leave their option as it was initially set, the advanced traders know that this is one of the best methods to increase the chances to win, or to reduce the ones to lose.

The rollover allows an investor to add or remove an additional percentage to the initial option. Let’s suppose that you anticipate a rise of the US dollar in comparison with other currencies, and you open a binary option in this direction. Later, when the US government announces that one of the macro-economic indicators is stronger than initially anticipated, the value of the dollar will grow even more. A smart investor would use this information to increase the value of the binary option, knowing that the chances to succeed are even higher.

What kind of extension tools can you use?

The extension tools are diverse. For example, the double up version allows you to double the sum invested in a certain option with a single click. While the feature can be used effectively by people that know how to trade, it can also be a dangerous tool, considering the fact that the money can be lost also.

Protecting assets with Close tools

Just as the Open tools can be used to increase the initial investment, the Close tool can be used for reducing potential losses. If you are familiar with the Stop Loss feature from binaries, you will surely understand this one also. The purpose of Close is to reduce the damages when you feel that your initial prediction was not that great. It is the perfect backup tool for investor that use hedging features, investors that like to take high chances and risks.

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