Lesson Three : Using Binary Options Tools -

Lesson Three : Using Binary Options Tools

Since the existence of the binary market, there are many tools which have been developed for the traders so that they can earn maximum profits. The two latest and the exiting tools or features which will allow the traders to get profits are:

A) Cross market asset

This tool is introduced to allow the traders to invest between the assets and the markets. The major risk involved is that slow movement and volume of both assets can result in loss of investment. But if successful, it can prove to be highly profitable. Here is a step by step guide to utilize cross market asset tool.

Step one: do some research on different assets. Find out their prices and market conditions. Devise a combination in which you think one would be advantageous over the other, in the future.
Step two: if you are sure that the one asset has benefit over the other, than select that on the tool.
Step three: Once you choose the respective options; current charts, showing the comparison among the two, will appear. Observe them carefully to further judge your combination.
Step four: Also, compare the historic charts.
Step five: Once satisfied, make the trade and then keep tracking it.

There are some limitations for this i.e. both markets should be open in order to trade. Also, the combination can only be of the assets available as options.
B) Long term dates of expiry

This is the second most effective tool. With the help of this exciting tool, the investors can also earn profit when there is an uncertain scenario in the market. The traders can also understand the strategies and how to implement them by using this tool.

Step one: choose an asset listed on the floor board. This should be done after specific research on the asset. Try to follow the trends of changes. There are unique changes in the value which repeat continuously.
Step two: once satisfied with the research work, develop a plan of action. Decide your future moves and comprehend their impacts.
Step three: after a strategy has been devised, go to the expiry date options and select the one best suitable according to your plan.
Step four: once you have entered a long trade at low price, you can add more small trades to it, if the market is not advantageous for you; and vice versa. This decreases the chances of suffering loss.

The only restriction of this tool is that this option is available for some specific assets.


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