Lesson Five : How to Postpone Binary Options Expiration Time

Lesson Five : How to Postpone Binary Options Expiration Time

Though Binary option required the trader to pick one of the two options, the expiration time is set. Any prediction, either upward or downward have to be achieved at the binary options expiration time to receive the payment of the contract. There are three types of binary options namely :

  1.  One touch
  2.  Double Touch
  3. No touch

All the three are bound by time and have expiration times. There is a way out for this, that is by extending the expiration times of binary options, one can stand a better chance of making money. The roll forwards feature provides the trader with this option of extending the time of expiration. This provides the trader with an option to recover from the loss that may be incurred if the expiration time is not extended. This is done when the trader feels that he will incur loss if he goes with his prediction, but the chances of reversing the loss are there if time is extended.

The Roll forward feature is helpful when the trader is sure of his predictions and decisions, but needs a little more time to reach the target predicted. There are some charges that need to be incurred for taking this option. But most of the times it is worth incurring this charge compared to the gain that may be incurred by not having got the time extended.

This Roll forward option has to be exercised only in cases where the trader is certain that the time so bought will result in profit to the trader. Otherwise this option will make him incur more loss along with the already incurred loss. Also overusing or misusing of this feature may result in being levied with penalty by your broker. There are also chances that this option may look so tempting to a person who is about to loose in trading, that he will take up this option without proper analysis. This has to be avoided by the traders. Roll forward option is only in case of emergency.

Only when there is high hope of result getting reverted by the time extending option.This option may not be available to all brokers, check before selecting a broker.
Think before making predictions in trading. Never bank on this option while trading.In any trading, analysis of the market and study of the market is very important. Roll forward feature is only an emergency measure. This will help you only when the mistake happens in choosing time, as a last resort. So the traders should be careful in making analysis and taking up trading. Roll forward feature is certainly there to help you when trader can reduce the loss by purchasing a little more time. This option has many times reversed the scenario in trading.



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