Banc De Swiss Broker Review -

Banc De Swiss Broker Review

Banc De Swiss is an increasingly fast growing and popular broker company from Germany. The company’s main objective is to concentrate on other German language speaking countries. But this does not mean that they do not have options and facilities for English speaking countries, in fact they have a complete platform for English trading and there is also a special website for this purpose. The progress and prosperity of the company can in no way be linked to its age because this is a relatively young field of business and most other companies are also young. The Banc De Swiss solely focuses on the welfare and needs of their customers.


Banc De Swiss Broker Review : A Quick Overview

Banc De Swiss Trade Options: There are many trade options offered by Banc De Swiss. Apart from the standard low/high options, the touch option is also available. You can also create your own option using a brilliant facility named Option Builder.
Banc De Swiss Trading Platform: The BancDe Swiss also has one of the best trading platforms in the market. They use the platform of SpotOption. Many other companies are also using it but, they have made themselves unique in their own ways. The platform offered by SpotOption is not only easy to use and navigate but also extremely intuitive. The number of assets exceeds 175 which is a lot for any level of trading. They also provide you with the option of changing to the mode of Pro Trader. This provides you with the opportunity to do professional analysis.
Banc De Swiss Minimum Option Size: Another striking feature of Banc De Swiss is that they allow the minimum option size of just 5 Euros. This is seriously nothing as compared to the other brokers. This is also perfect for beginner to novice level traders. With just 100 Euros you can go for 20 options and they do not enforce an amount like other brokers.
Customer Service: The unique feature of Banc De Swiss is their customer support services. This is the main strength of any company in any field. The customer support at BancDe Swiss is fast, friendly, always accessible, solves problems in no time and is very easy. They offer all kinds of facilities for contact like Skype, video chat, email, phone, etc.


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