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AnyOption Strategies Available

AnyOption is a complete trading platform that offers investors the possibility to trade many types of assets, and to use a large number of strategies. One of the best of them is the 60 seconds strategy, which is considered one of the most profitable AnyOption Strategies based on AnyOption Expiry. On the other hand, the strategy is useful as long as the investor knows how to use it, and this is why you need notions about the AnyOption Expiry feature, and about other AnyOption Strategies that could be combined with the 60 seconds method.

What is the 60 seconds strategy?

The 60 seconds strategy is based on opening several EUR/USD pairs on AnyOption, one every 60 seconds, based on a pre-defined pattern. The first step is to check the popularity of the pairs, to find the best of them. This method allows you to determine the pairs that are liquid, as those would allow you to open and close positions instantly, which is important for such a strategy, which is based on speed. The second step requires you to open a position for 5$, with a leverage, if you like risks. If you lose the first 60 seconds trade, you will need to open another position for 1o$, and so on.

Well, you might be familiar with those progression schemes, which are commonly used in gambling also. you might wonder why such a strategy would work on AnyOption, as long as it does not work on gambling, the difference is made by the AnyOption Expiry, which is a feature allowing you to limit the loses. If your pair was not such a great idea, the position would be closed automatically, and if it is effective, you will win some serious pips, and this is what makes the difference between the AnyOption Strategies based on AnyOption Expiry, and a simple Ponzi scheme. For the fifth straight loss, you will have to invest 100$ in trading, but practically, you will never get there, as for the fourth operation, you will have a chance of 98% to win, this if you have not won already with the previous three operations.

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How to use other AnyOption Strategies with the 60 seconds method

The 60 seconds method is perfect if you can combine it with the one touch strategy. Basically, this means that you need to apply the one touch strategy several times on 60 second charts. This would increase your probability to win even more, since the first or second operation. Once you have won once, you should try the strategy again, especially during periods when the market is not agitated, especially during lunchtime.

The strategy benefited of free publicity, given by its effectiveness. AnyOption is the only broker that offers a specialized section where you can use this strategy, and with the possibility of setting an expiry moment.

The biggest advantage of this strategy is the fact that it is alert. Even if you lose on several positions, on the overall, you will win some serious money. It is of no importance if you lose a few positions, as long as the general strategy allows you to win on many others.

Disadvantages of AnyOption Strategies based on 60 seconds

As in any kind of investment, there are risks involved. First, it is a strategy that requires attention and speed. As long as you will place an order practically every 60 seconds, you will have to be fast, and your platform must also be solid, as you need the orders processed in a matter of seconds. AnyOption has that kind of speed needed for a trader to be effective, but it is also the responsibility of the trader to be fast and to place those orders accordingly.

Moreover, as the strategy works better combined with other trading methods, it is better for it to be applied only by traders that have the necessary knowledge to use several trading methods at the same time. We can tell you from the start that trading with the 60 seconds strategy is not easy, especially because you will have to learn a lot. AnyOption gives you the chance to learn those strategies on the free platform, where you would only risk virtual money, and once you have learned all those trading secrets, you can think of risking real money.

AnyOption also has a great learning section where you can study this strategy, and where you can understand the secrets of this method. Once you have it in the palm of your hands, you will discover that it is the best one to make pips, especially for the quiet times of the market when traders are not that active, so your plan won’t be ruined by rumors. The 60 seconds strategy is perfect for those moments, but identifying those moments is another skill needed by a professional trader.

Finally, Read our AnyOption Review to know more about this broker, and how you can use it as your reliable binary options broker.

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