Amazing Stockpair Promotion For Christmas -

Amazing Stockpair Promotion For Christmas

Christmas is near and in the spirit of giving, you have the chance to avail an amazing Stockpair Promotion For Christmas. The offer is a great mean to increase your trading capital. Before availing the opportunity, you first need to able aware of the platform and its reputation.

Why Stockpair?

Stockpair is an amazing binary option trading platform that allows you to trade in binary as well as pair options. The platform is a legitimate broker, as it is a regulated one. This means that all the practices of the platforms are law abiding, and the platforms are legally bound in every activity. In addition to this, the highest grade technology, with simple functioning; makes it an ideal choice for all users, interested in binary and pair option trading. By trading on StockPair, you get the chance to earn return as high as 400%.

Stockpair Promotion For 2012 Christmas

The platform is a great choice for trading, as the benefits are many. But the platform has introduced a new Christmas special offer, to make your trade and holiday more rewarding. In this offer, Stockpair offers the trader a 100 percent bonus on the amount he deposits before Christmas. This means that you can trade double the amount of what you invested. Considering the high return opportunities up to 400 percent, the return amount will be higher. Unlike bonuses offered by other platforms you would not be restricted from making a withdrawal just because you have not completed the bonus withdrawal restrictions. The bonus amount is kept separate from your investment funds, allowing you to trade and withdraw without worry.

Terms and conditions

There are many people involved in fraudulent activities; that is why in order to provide a secure platform to its users, Stockpair applies certain restriction and conditions on it. These are:

  • User need to deposit a minimum of 500.
  • The maximum bonus limit is 3000; which means any exceeding amount will not be eligible for the bonus.
  • The amount of bonus should be traded 30 times, in under thirty-five days; before it can be withdrawn.
  • The bonus amount cannot be withdrawn before 25 days have passed after it is received; even if it has been traded 35 times.
  • People who have already received any bonus from Stockpair, are not eligible to claim this Christmas special bonus offer.
  • A person who has made a withdrawal 30 days prior to the bonus; is also not eligible for this offer.

Now that you are aware of all the aspects of the promotions, you can make a diligent decision that whether this offer is what you want.


Stockpair Promotion

Stockpair Promotion

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