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All about 60 Seconds Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading have added a totally new dimension to the trading business. Binary options offer a huge potential of making quick and big profit. There is an element of risk involved in binary trading. Another advantage of binary options is that it does not require a lot of knowledge to start trading. Just the basic understanding of the market is good enough to start trading. Due to its simplicity many people have started to trade in binary options and many new users are being added day by day.

There are various kinds of trading styles which cover hundreds of assets all over the world. The classical binary trading style is High/Low. A recently introduced style of binary trading is One Touch. But the most exciting and the most happening style of trading which is attracting traders all over the world is the exclusive 60 Seconds Binary Options style.

60 Seconds Binary Options Tips

60 seconds Trading

60 seconds trading option is the most exciting form of binary options trading and involves an expiry time of just one minute. All you need to do is to select an asset and then predict if the price of the asset will increase or decrease at the end of one minute after locking in. Then you enter the desired amount and wait for one minute to get the output. If your prediction was correct you generally earn about 70% of the amount invested as profit. In case your perdition turns out to be wrong, you lose the entire amount invested. Some 60 seconds brokers however offer a little cashback of around 10% when your prediction is wrong. Due to its ultra-fast output time, 60 seconds trading style is gaining huge popularity and is being offered by all the top binary options brokers.

60 Seconds Trading Strategy

Most of the binary options brokers offer around 70% return on the winning investments and you lose all of your investment if you make a call based on the wrong prediction. There is also one more possibility of outcome which is a tie which means that the strike price i.e. the price at which you made the investment is exactly equal to the price of the asset after one minute. In this case no one wins and your trading amount is returned to you. In order to break even you need to make about 60% correct predication which is statically not possible if you are not using a good strategy or unless you are very lucky. But you can’t risk your hard earned money based on sheer luck. Even the binary options signals can’t help you out with 60 seconds options because they can’t make a correct prediction for a particular minute of the trading session. You need to have a sound strategy planned out to make significant profits. Below are some strategies that will increase the chances of making a profit.

Go with the flow: According to this strategy you need to observe the trend of a particular asset and decide if it is showing a clear bearish or bullish trend and if the trend is not significant switch to some other asset. If there is a distinct trend set trades according to the trend. It is likely that you will win most of the predictions and make a profit.
Increasing the Investment Amount When you Lose; This is a very reliable strategy which enables you to increase your chance of winning up to 95%. But remember that you need to have a bigger initial deposit to apply this strategy. In order to apply this strategy first select the asset you want to trade and then check the trend of the asset. Also consider what the majority of traders are putting their bet on. After considering these facts decide if you want to invest in put or call. Then invest the minimum trading amount based on the prediction you have decided.

In this case let us assume that the minimum deposit is $5. If your prediction is correct you will make a profit of $3.5 (assuming 70% return). Keep repeating this process of investing the minimum amount unless you lose. When you lose select your next trading amount is such a way that if you win it covers the previous loss. In this case the next trading amount will be a little more than $7. But since many 60 Seconds brokers allow only quantized values of trading amount, we make an investment of $10. If you win you will recover your previous loss and make an additional profit of $2. If you lose again make a deposit of $20 and keep on increasing the amount in the same manner. Ultimately you will win and make profit.


60 seconds trading style is the quickest way of making money in binary options. If you follow the above strategies in the correct manner you will definitely be able to earn a lot of money.

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