60 Seconds Trading - When And Where to Trade ?

60 Seconds Trading – When and Where?

Binary options trading is a non-traditional style of trading which allows a trader to make huge profit in a very small period of time. There is an element of risk involved but it is worth it as there is a huge scope of making good money. There are different styles of trading in binary options. The traditional one is High/Low where you put your money based on the prediction if the price of the asset will rise or fall. The time period associated with this style of trading may be around half or more. Another famous trading style is one touch. Under this options one invests money based on the prediction that the price of an asset will touch a predefined price over a period of time. But the most dynamic, interesting and fast trading style is 60 seconds.

60 Seconds Trading

60 Seconds Trading

60 seconds trading is one of the most used trading styles of binary options. This style is very popular among the traders because it is the fastest way of making money. In 60 seconds binary trading a trader selects an asset and then predicts if the price of the asset will rise or fall after 60 seconds. Then the desired amount is invested according to the prediction. The price at which the investment is made is known as the strike price and the price at the end of one minute is known as the output or the resulting price. There are only three possible outcomes of an investment in 60 seconds trading. If you predicted that the resulting price will me more than the strike price and it actually is more or you predicted that the resulting price will be less than the strike price and it is actually low, you win the bet and make a profit of around 70% of the amount invested. However, if the stock price goes opposite to your prediction, you lose all the amount invested. There is a third option as well. In this case the strike price will be equal to the resulting price and it is called a tie. In this case all your invested amount is returned to you.

The profit on winning an investment opportunity in 60 seconds binary trading varies from broker to broker and asset to asset. But generally it is between 60% and 70%. So in order to break even you need to make correct predictions in at least 60% cases of equal investment. It is important to understand the market movements well so that you do not lose your money. It is advisable to trade only in those options which provide at least 70% return.

When and where to trade

You can’t trade in 60 seconds 24 X 7. You can invest only when the markets are open. For example you can trade in USD vs. JPY only when both USA and Japanese market are open. You can trade in binary 60 seconds from anywhere in the world using the trading platforms of various 60 Seconds brokers. In order to start trading all you need to do is to open an account and deposit the minimum balance. It is recommended that you trade in 60 seconds when the price of an asset is steadily increasing or decreasing. Never trade in binary options when the market is volatile due to an important news.

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60 seconds binary trading is the most interesting trading style of binary options. It offers huge money making opportunity to the investors. If you want to trade in 60 seconds, you should first use a demo account to get familiar with the platform and 60 seconds trading. You must always remember that you can’t win all the investments but what is important is that you remain focused while trading  so that you make profit in the long run.

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