24Option Trading strategies -

24Option Trading strategies

24Option.com is arguably the best online platform to trade in binary options. The website provides a complete web based trading platform and is trusted by a huge number of traders worldwide. With payouts averaging around an excellent 80% and highest bonuses, the website has changed the dimensions of online binary options trading. The website not only allows trading in a high number of assets from the entire world but also provides accurate and quickly updated data to make your trading day memorable. Additionally, the website also supports all the popular transaction options and comes with a very reliable and responsive customer care service. Due to these high quality features the website has achieved one of the top ranks in the online brokers’ list and has received very positive responses and feedbacks from both critics and users.

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24Option Trading strategies

24Option.com comes equipped with all the popular trading strategies of binary options trading. You can trade using anyone of these trading styles: High/Low, Boundary, Touch/No Touch and a newly introduced 60 Seconds. All the trading styles have been discussed below in detail.

  • High/Low trading strategy: High/Low trading strategy is considered to be the traditional and classic strategy of trading in binary options. In this strategy you put your money in a particular asset either on high or low and select an expiry time. The worth of the asset at the moment you put your money in is called the base or starting price and the price at the time of expiry is known as the final price. The comparison is made between these two prices. If you selected “High” option and the final is more than the starting price, you make profit else you lose. Similar analogy is applicable when you put your money on “Low” option. 24Option.com provides a very systematic and easy approach to this trading style. The listed stocks, currencies, commodities and indices are listed in the trading platform with the option of High or Low provided. The current price of the asset is also displayed on the platform. When you click on the asset you want to trade with, it is displayed on the top of the page with the payout percentage and the option of entering the amount. In order to trade you need to enter the amount, select an expiry time and select either high or low and wait for the result. Meanwhile you can make another trade or watch the change in price using a dynamic price graph of the asset.
  • One Touch trading strategy: In one touch trading strategy you put your money on the prediction if or not an asset will touch a pre specified target price till its expiry time. 24Options.com provides a user friendly option to deal using this trading style. All the assets available for trading using one touch trading are listed in the one touch section with their target price, payout and time of expiry. When you select an asset it gets displayed at the top of the page clearly showing the target price and a list of expiry time to select from. A separate column is made available to enter the amount you want to invest with the option of selecting touch or no touch. A comprehensive price graph shows the current status of the asset.
  • Boundary trading style: In the boundary trading style a trader invests his money based on the prediction if or not the price of an asset will remain within a specified boundary. The boundary is set on the basis of the current price of the asset. 24Option.com lists all the available assets under this category in the boundary section of trading page. The target price, in or out option, expiry time and the return are also specified alongside the asset. In order to trade you have to select an asset, analyze the target price closely, enter the amount you want to trade and select the option of in or out. The website shows the expiry time, upper and lower target price, payout and a dynamic graph of the current price with target price corresponding to the asset you select.
  • 60 Seconds: 60 seconds trading style the latest addition to the exciting world of binary trading. This style is evidently the most thrilling and time wise the shortest trading style. You can get the output in just one minute if you are trading using 60 seconds. Under this option you place your money on the fact that whether the prices of an asset be more or less than what it is now after 60 seconds. 24Option.com lists the available assets with target price and return. To invest all you need to do is to select the asset, enter the amount and select high or low. Check our Top 60 Seconds Binary Options Brokers .

24Option Trading Strategies Conclusion

With all the trading styles listed and working in the perfect manner 24Option.com provides a full stop to your search of perfect broker. The website also comes with the feature of early closure using which you can make profit even in the volatile market. It makes the website even better.

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